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*Please note: I don’t approve most Facebook friend requests to my personal account; I have linked it here as a means of establishing my identity. I do share quite a lot of content on the FrogMonkey Facebook Page, however.


FrogMonkey is a personal blog written and edited by me, I’m Heather - hi! I have been journaling online and blogging for more than 14 years, chronicling the development of my children as well as my adventures as a working mother and wife. My posts reflect my own experiences, honest opinions and research on varied subjects, mostly to do with natural parenting styles such as breastfeeding, babywearing, attachment parenting, cloth diapers, etc. I am most certainly not what this culture considers an expert on any of these matters. I reserve the right to be ignorant and ill-informed and to change my mind when such matters are pointed out to me. Please do not take my opinions as the only and final word on any matter. Cross-check with your own intuition, child(ren), spouses, co-parent(s), other family members, community, research, real-life experts, trustworthy books, and healthcare professionals as necessary.


I don’t personally implement cookies. I don’t know anything about cookies.

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Most of them are referral affiliates. That means that for every product a visitor purchases through a link, a small percentage of revenue goes back to my site to help support it. So far, I’ve earned a little money but not enough to reach the threshold for being paid at most venues, so I’m not quitting my day job!

I do not control the content of Adsense. I have opted out of categories and created domain filters to discourage ads that I deem offensive to my readers, including ads that go against the promotion of breastfeeding. This is not foolproof.

With the other advertisers, I have selected both the banner and text ads myself. If you have a concern about any of the ads I’ve chosen, please contact me. If you have a concern with a product you’ve purchased through one of the affiliates, please contact the company directly, since I have no control over customer service. For banner ads, I try to select only companies and products that align with my values and interests as a parent, but I have not tried out all the companies and their products and am not implying specific endorsements.

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No one directly pays me to review or endorse products. If this happens in the future, I shout it from the rooftops. The majority of my reviews are based on products I have recieved as free samples or purchased after extensive research. Should I receive free products to review or as a prize, I will note in individual posts. I tend to write positive reviews, because that’s just the way I write. If it turns out that a product isn’t for me, I’ll say so but I know it’s right for someone out there. So don’t take the fact that almost all of my product reviews are endorsements to mean that I am being seduced into endorsing products.

I love to try products that are new and/or unusual, especially if they promote natural parenting styles, as well as environmental awareness. I like to suggest products that I think my readers would appreciate, particularly products that have been beneficial to me as a mama. Sometimes there is overlap between a product I recommend and an affiliate link — that’s on purpose! I seek out affiliate relationships with those companies whose products I love. Please note that the love did not come second. Please note also that I frequently recommend products or websites with which I have no financial affiliation.

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Contact me with questions about any of my own claims about a product or service. Any other product claim, statistic, quote or representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.


The privacy of my visitors is of extreme importance to me. I do not personally collect or use identifiable information from my visitors. I do use tracking services that provide me with general site analytics based on aggregate information, such as geographical location, type of browser, IP addresses, Internet Service Providers, date/time stamps, referring/exit pages, time spent on specific pages, and search terms. Such information is not personally identifiable and is used only for internal purposes to improve the site’s performance. Certain widgets on collect information on page views and click-throughs to display relevant or popular posts to all readers. This information is not personally identifiable.

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If I offer polls, giveaways, or other forms of public contribution, any information you submit will be used for those purposes only. I will keep any identifiable contact information secure, according to your wishes.

If at any time you want a comment or piece of identifiable information removed, please contact me.

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I do not want to delete any legitimate comments on my blog, assuming they fall within the bounds listed in the next paragraph. I have deleted a few SPAM comments and comments that did not meet the requirements listed below. If you ever feel I have deleted a comment in error, please contact me.

I reserve the right to delete malicious, hateful, divisive comments. You are free to disagree with me and my opinions, as well as those of other commenters, but I appreciate keeping a safe and nurturing place for like-minded parents to read, learn, and share with each other. I also reserve the right to delete comments that I feel would be best shared within a private conversation, such as through email, or that divulge personal information that someone wishes to keep confidential. I also reserve the right to delete anonymous, argumentative comments. If you wish to argue, have the courtesy to do so from an established online presence.

The first time any visitor comments on any post at, the comment must be approved. I do not delete negative comments and greatly appreciate constructive criticism, I just like to know who it’s coming from so that I can respond accordingly. Let me know if you do not see a comment you submitted appear in a timely manner.


All written content is the property of Heather of ©2011 All rights reserved and all that. You may quote from my articles for the purposes of review or discussion, as long as you give proper attribution and a link back to For full reprints or commission of new work, please contact me.

When I quote from other sources, I try always to attribute the source and clearly mark direct quotes within quotation marks and, often, emphasized font. I try to link only to sources that have made their writing public, such as in published form or on a search engine-enabled blog. If I have made an error in attribution, or if you do not wish your work to be linked to or cited, please contact me so we can discuss the matter.

Photos and illustrations belong to their respective copyright holders. I try to attribute stock images and other illustrations to their proper owners, and affiliate images to their respective affiliate links. If you dispute an attribution or do not wish for me to use a particular image, please contact me.


Again, many thanks to HoboMama . She’s awesome. Go visit her.

Hobo Mama: A Natural Parenting Blog


  • Jessica Rittenhouse says:

    Hey, there!

    I just found you on Kellymom. I am from Philly, too! I think you may live in my neighborhood since you called your stroller a “coach” and you mentioned walking to wawa. Haha. I am in Fishtown :) I thought I would try to connect with you, as it is so wonderful to hang out with like-minded mamas in real life!


    • frogmonk says:

      Hey, Jessica! LOL - yup, we’re in Philly :-) We’re in “the Far Northeast” but I grew up in Bridesburg and actually have a lot of family in Fishtown and Port Richmond. So glad to “meet” another local - I was starting to think I’m the only breastfeeding mom in town! Hahaha :-)

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